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AutoZeitung Magazine Rates ContiSportContact 5 as "Highly Recommended"

  • Continental summer tire is a "very good all-rounder," receiving very good marks for braking on dry roads and during aquaplaning
  • Editors compared 14 tire models in size 225/40 R 18

Editors of AutoZeitung published their latest summer tire test in today's issue. In this test, experts compared 14 tire models in size 225/40 R 18. The ContiSportContact 5 was awarded the rating "highly recommended," with the Cologne magazine especially praising its good balance. The tire demonstrated this in particular by its high aquaplaning safety and short braking distances on dry surfaces. In the final evaluation, the experts called the tire from the development department in Hanover a "very good all-rounder."

Tires in size 225/40 R 18 are suitable for a large number of passenger cars from the compact to the upper mid-range car. The 14 tire models entered in the test were from European, American, and Asian manufacturers. Whereas the European premium brands have for years enjoyed very high standards in safety-related driving characteristics, a cheap Chinese model once again failed with "catastrophic performance." The summer tires, which the manufacturer had put onto the market with the M+S symbol to indicate suitability for winter use, exhibited "extremely poor" performance, particularly in wet conditions.