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Better safety thanks to wider tyres.


Ultra high-performance tyres provide better grip on the road, better safety and
excellent handling thanks to their greater contact surface area. Continental has
a broad range of wider tyres. This ensures that each vehicle type is supplied with
the ideal product – from sports vehicles to family vehicles.

The major benefits of ultra high-performance tyres compared to standard tyres:

  • Shorter stopping distance
  • Increased cornering stability
  • Precise steering
  • Better load-cycle changes
  • Sportier driving comfort
  • Improved lane changes
  • Better looks

CharacteristicsSituationStandard TyresPerformance Tyres
DryDriving on dry surfaces
DryBraking on dry surfaces
WetBraking on wet surfaces
WetDriving on wet surfaces
SnowDriving on solid snow
SnowTraction in soft, deep snow+
SnowBraking in soft, deep snow
IceDriving on ice

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