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What you should know about storage of your tyres?


If stored in unfavourable conditions, or if not properly handled, tyres change their physical properties. This can lead to a shorter service life, and the tyres may even deteriorate to the extent that they become unusable. Correctly stored and handled tyres retain their properties virtually unchanged for several years.

Tyres should never be stored in the open air, even under a protective covering.

Tyres should be stored in a cool, dry area, moderately ventilated and away from direct sunlight.

Storage temperature must not exceed normal room temperature. In heated areas the tyres must be shielded from the heat source.

The tyres must be protected from direct sunlight and continuous changes of air. As ozone is particularly damaging, to tyres the storage area must not contain any devices (electric generators or compressors) that generate ozone.

Solvents, fuels, lubricants, chemicals etc. should not come into contact with tyres.