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Do I need to replace my tyes?

The consumer plays an important role in tyre maintenance.

Tyres should be removed from service for numerous reasons, including tread worn down to minimum depth, damage or abuse (punctures, cuts, impacts, , bulges, underinflation, overloading, etc).

For these reasons tyres, including spares, must be inspected routinely, i.e., at least once a month. Regular inspection becomes particularly important the longer a tyre is kept in service. If tyre damage is suspected or found, Continental recommends that the consumer have the tyre inspected by a tyre service professional. Consumers should use this consultation to determine if the tyres can continue in service.

It is recommended that spare tyres be inspected at the same time. This routine inspection should occur whether or not the vehicle is equipped with a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

Consumers are strongly encouraged to be aware of their tyres’ visual condition. Also, they should be alert for any change in dynamic performance such as increased air loss, noise or vibration. Such changes could be an indicator that one or more of the tyres should be immediately removed from service to prevent a tyre disablement.

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