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Warranty Info

Is there something wrong with your tyres?

We design and manufacture premium tyres for your driving safety and pleasure. When you

are driving on Continental tyres and suspect there is something wrong with them we can assist

in providing professional support in resolving your concerns.

Utilise tyre expertise to investigate

There are many parameters influencing a tyre's optimum performance level. To assist you in

understanding some of the most common tyre failures we have produced a reference guide

which is available to download. There is however no substitute for a physical tyre inspection

performed by your local tyre expert. These technical experts are available at one of our local

retail partners to support you. We recommend you make an appointment to visit one of them

at your earliest convenience. A good starting point would be the retailer where you originally bought your tyre(s).


Good to know - Warranty coverage

All our tyres are covered by our extensive warranty policy. Depending on the legal framework

in your country (details may vary) most markets are covered by a minimum warranty period

of 6 Months as per Consumers Act of SA starting from the day when you purchased the tyre. As your warranty is based on

your sales contract at point of purchase you should first consult with the retailer where you

originally purchased the tyre(s). If you are unable to do this then we recommend you visit a

local tyre retailer - that offers our brands - to assist in handling your warranty issue.

We regularly inform and train our distributors as well as retail partners regarding potential

tyre failures and our warranty complaint handling processes. If your local retailer identifies a

tyre condition that is potentially subject to our manufacturer's warranty they will typically

take up the case with us on your behalf. We will make all reasonable efforts to support your

local retailer with a fast and fair decision on your warranty complaint.


Warranty complaints

If you have a complaint about the performance of a tyre please first seek redress from the

retailer - who in turn will make contact with us and/or return the tyre to us should it be



We are proud to be the first tyre manufacturer to introduce a set of clearly defined

standards and timescales when responding to a warranty claim.